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Eric was helping me out since I had my hands full. I sat down in the arm chair with Micah wrapped up in his favorite blanket. He was overtired and just sobbing so pitifully. As soon as he settled in to nurse, he was half asleep already, and Eric moved around the room, switching off all the lights.

"Could you lower the crib rail for me, too?" I can't reach the mattress with it raised, not when I'm holding my little guy to my chest to keep him warm during the "transfer." I instantly realized Eric had never done this, and I wondered how long it would take him to figure it out. He fidgeted with the top, finally just pushed on it and it lowered.

"It says 'PUSH' right there on the bottom in huge letters."

Glancing at the rail again, he said, "I don't read instructions."

"Even when it's just ONE WORD?"


Oh my goodness.... [needless to say, I laughed pretty hard at that one.]

Look at this cutie: I crocheted an adorable little Santa hat. It's for sale! I'm going to add it to my Etsy store.

The little guy got his first taste of snow today, too... literally!