Amazing Eggs

The average cost of a dozen eggs this year is about $2.89. I can make four huge omelets (three eggs each) with a carton of eggs, meaning each one costs me about 80 cents if you account for a little shredded cheese and seasonings. That's cheap!

In addition to the fact that they inexpensive, eggs are also nutrient dense. There are about 6.5 grams of protein in each egg. They also contain most vitamins, except for vitamin C.

Visit the Egg Nutrition Center for more egg facts.

Because eggs are so cheap and healthy, they have become a staple in our budget-conscious household. I have been looking for ways to incorporate eggs into our meals as an alternative to meat, which can really increase your grocery bill all by itself. The American Egg Board has some great recipe ideas on their website.

Occasionally to save money, I attempt to empty out my freezer, fridge and pantry rather than head to the store. This week I noticed I had bought another carton of eggs even though I already had some, so we've been eating a lot of eggs lately.

For lunch we enjoyed cheesy omelets. Mine was loaded up with ketchup because I love the combination of egg, ketchup and cheese. Odd? Maybe. But I love it! Breakfast for lunch is fun and yummy. Try it!

For dinner, I made egg salad. Because neither of us are fans of the yolk, I made the salad without the yolks and served it on light rye. I think it turned out great, though its color was not the usual yellow. The only thing I don't like about egg salad is the smell of hard boiled egg.

What are some of your favorite egg recipes?


  1. Ohh I love eggs! I really like fried egg sandwiches. My husband taught me how to make them, I had never heard of them. You just make some toast, butter it, fry up an egg, and put it between the two slices of toast. Sometimes I like to add a slice of cheese and/or a sausage patty. It's delicious and very quick and filling.

  2. I love this recipe: http://www.bhg.com/recipe/eggs/spinach-and-bacon-quiche/

    I've also made it with chopped up sausage links. It's super yummy :)

  3. I love eggs for lunch- and dinner- too! I also love quiche, although I have yet to find a great, simple recipe for it. I may try Melissa's suggestion. :) I think my favorite use for eggs, though, is in baking... mmm! chocolate chip cookies! ;)

    Oh - and I think $2.89 is expensive for a dozen eggs - is that a nation-wide average? I usually don't pay over 99 cents (like at Walgreens this week), and at the most $1.20.

  4. Yeah 2.89 is the nationwide average - I am guessing that includes the more expensive organic varieties.