Life With a Baby

I've learned:
  1. How to change a diaper very quickly.
  2. How to get squirmy arms through tiny holes in tiny clothes.
  3. How to do housework with one hand.
  4. To drop whatever I'm doing and fall asleep as soon as my son does.
  5. To prioritize - only the important things get done each day.
  6. To cherish even the fits of crying - they won't last.
  7. To appreciate brief moments with my husband.
  8. To eat when I can.
  9. DVR is even more important now than ever - there's nothing good on TV during those late night feedings!
  10. 4am, while nursing, is the perfect time to read my bible and pray.
  11. Labor is already a fading memory - I'm glad I wrote about it while it was still fresh in my mind.
  12. Blogging is now a luxury saved for those times during afternoon naps when the laundry is already done and the kitchen is clean.


Becoming a Prisoner of Hope

Micah is two weeks old today. It's hard to believe I've had him that long already! Time is going by so fast. I love staying home with him - he certainly keeps me busy.

I feel like God has really been revealing some things about myself to me through parenting Micah. I laugh when Micah gets so flustered while I'm getting ready to feed him. He gets so worked up because he's hungry, and is oblivious to the fact that he's about to eat. I laughed about this and yet I realized that I act the same way towards the Lord sometimes.

He is aware of my needs and he promises to provide for me - and yet in the midst of hunger (whether it be spiritual, financial, etc.), I find myself oblivious to the fact he is my provider and is undoubtledly moving things into place to do just that. Like my newborn son, I cry out as though I'm helpless and hopeless, as though he has forgotten about me or may be unaware of my needs, and become distraught in my worry and discomfort.

He must chuckle the way I do as I bring Micah close to eat, knowing that he is as good as fed. When Micah matures, he will recognize my actions and see that he will be eating in a matter of moments, and so he will be much more calm. He will not scream with his eyes tightly shut, but approach me with his eyes wide open, in full expectation of what he knows I will give him.

That is the attitude I need to strive for. I need to be a "prisoner of hope." I should approach the throne, not with anxiety, but with the peace that comes with full confidence that the Lord will provide what I need, when I need it. I would never deny Micah his food, why do I ever doubt my heavenly Father?



I would categorize myself as an amateur photographer. My skill lies more with photo editing than it does with photo taking - I could spend hours on the computer adjusting contrast and adding special effects layers...

All the photos you see on the this site were taken by me, including those in the masthead. This is the camera I use and love. It's my second Cybershot. The first one lasted me from November 2002 until May 2008. That's pretty good, right? I definitely want to save up and buy a digital SLR camera and pursue photography at the next level.

The reason I am telling you about my cheap digital camera is I want you to know that you don't have to have expensive equipment to take great photos. If you want to take professional looking portraits at home, one of the biggest factors is lighting. I always turn off the flash and take my pictures near a window that has indirect sunlight. If there is too much sun, I close the sheer curtains to soften it. The early and late hours of the day usually have the best quality light.

Another tip is to use a tripod. When you're not using flash, it's harder to get a focused image. Using a tripod will allow you to use a slightly longer exposure, which gives the photo more depth, light, and detail.

Look for details in your subject that you want to highlight and shoot those up close for artistic and unique photos. If you are photographing a bouquet, for example, zoom in on your favorite flower, allowing the others to move out of focus. If you are taking a picture of a baby, get a shot of his tiny toes or his mouth up close. Don't be afraid to use a prop and remember that you don't always have to put the subject in the exact center of the photo.


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