Squeaky Clean

The little guy loves his baths these days. This is a far cry from a few months ago. We caught his first "real" bath on video a few days after his umbilical stump fell off. He screamed through the whole thing. I felt like such an amateur, struggling to hold on to his slippery little body while fumbling with a wash rag. My whole family was watching, too. Fortunately my dad, who is amazing with babies and small children, was helping me. It was a proud moment for him, I think, to be a part of his first grandchild's first bath.

I've added bath time to his nightly routine - every other evening - as he approaches the age where we'll be able to put him down at the same time every night. He's still in newborn-mode, sleeping whenever his little internal clock tells him to. I see small changes from week to week; his naps are getting longer and he plays longer, too. He falls asleep a little earlier every night. I keep pushing the routine earlier and earlier, but it doesn't make too much of a difference. He's either ready to sleep or he's not. One of these days I expect it to click, and before long we won't remember nights without baths and bedtime stories.


  1. Oh, be still my heart. love how adorable he is.

  2. Bedtime "clicked" with Lydia right around 3 months of age. Since shortly after that mark she's gone to bed around 8 and stayed there until 7 the next morning. I LOVED when that happened... it was like I finally got my husband back when we actually had a few hours alone together in the evenings. :)