Creative Play

I've gotten bored of the same baby toys and games, day in and day out. Today I was on a mission to do something "new" with Micah. I pulled out a cookie sheet and filled it with just enough warm water to cover the bottom. Then I laid that on top of a beach towel on the kitchen floor. I put a handful of bath toys on the cookie sheet and let him loose! It was so funny to watch him spend the first ten minutes staring into the water. He would place his hands in the water for a few moments and then take them back out. Periodically he would lower his face to a few inches above the water and stare at the reflection of the kitchen lights. The ripples in the water caused by moving toys around really caught his attention. We played for quite a while! He didn't even make that much of a mess, either!

What are some creative games you've played with your babies? I'm looking for more ideas!


  1. Good idea for the creative play. I remember when Grace was that age, I was trying new things to keep her stimulated and not bored. Good job. Thanks for coming by my Grace's Style Tip Friday post. It is silly and fun! Thanks for enjoying my fun mommy moments. :-)
    -Lisa@Blessed with Grace

  2. Nice idea! One thing I have read about but haven't tried yet is this: wrap baby's toys loosely in wrapping paper and let him "discover" them again by unwrapping them. I've also heard bubbles can be a big hit.

  3. So cute! We have what I call a science (aka sand and water table) table that we bought for our boys when they were 2 and 1. In the winter when it was too cold for little ones to go outside, we love to fill it with snow and play play play until it melts. As they have gotten older, they still love this. Though now our play has become more sophisticated...like making mini indoor snowmen, and mixing food coloring with the snow.

    Shaving cream on the table can be a lot of fun too (it is a fun and clean way of finger painting). Though, since your guy is so little you may worry about him getting it in his eyes....you can use cool whip or pudding instead. This makes it a fun multisensory experience.

  4. I have created sensory stations for Kai. He has some sensory issues anyway...doesn't like to touch much...He is getting better though.

    I put sand in one bin with toys he needs to find...the next bin has rice, the other uncooked pasta shells or macaroni...and another with uncooked beans... Of course you may want to wait a while...Kai has never like putting anything in his mouth so it was never a worry to have him put the uncooked stuff in his mouth...

    We still play with these things...trying to find the toys that are buried and bury them so mommy can find them.

    Then if you have a shower with glass doors or even a big mirrored sink...we smear shaving cream over a sizeable area and then draw pictures in it. Then clean up is pretty easy and your mirrors get clean too. :)