My Little "Soapasaurus"

That's what it says on Micah's bathrobe. I haven't used these much until lately. I've found they are a great way to keep him warm while I put his baby lotion on after a bath. Tonight he wore his robe for a while because his pajamas were still in the dryer. I just bought him a new pair (size 12 months!!) and they have monsters on them. They are his first pair of jammies that are not one piece with footies. They should fit him a little longer. I'm hoping so.

Micah is changing so much every week, I thought I'd write down some current "facts" about him before I forget.
  • He could care less about solid foods. He still prefers breastmilk and will only eat about a tablespoon of baby food on any given day, if that.
  • He has been sitting up on his own for a few weeks, but he still requires some type of "crash pad" behind him for those times when he feels like arching his back all of a sudden!
  • He has one tiny little tooth - the bottom right one.
  • He loves the blanket that I crocheted for him while I was pregnant. I love this.
  • His favorite toy is his food bowl.
  • He likes to be carried on my hip, facing in. (That's a big change from before, when he only wanted to be carried in front of me, facing out.)
  • He loves to grab our faces.
  • He giggles when you say "bloop bloop" or make a popping sound with your lips.
  • He loves taking baths!
  • He no longer cries when he's wet, which means now we have to actually check.
  • He likes to fall asleep with a blanket over his head (don't worry, his blankie is "holey")
  • He screams a lot when he is laughing and playing. It's very high pitched and loud!
  • He likes to chew on wet washcloths. 
  • He can push himself up on his arms all the way and roll over both ways, as well as turn around on his belly.
  • He thinks trees are funny... and laughs at them when the wind blows.
  • He always wants to hold my fingers when he's tired.
  • He grunts as he's falling asleep.
  • He loves wearing his snowsuit: it always puts him to sleep.
  • He is fascinated by books and enjoys opening and closing them over and over.
  • He loves taking naps next to me on the couch while I watch TV.
  • He loves hugs and kisses!
  • He loves dogs!

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