Lucky Seven

The kiddo turned seven months old yesterday. The biggest change I've noticed is his sudden focus on everything around him. His eyes have been opened up to a whole new world around him, full of items he's not allowed to touch and places he's not able to get to. The latter has been the driving force behind his frustrated attempts to crawl, walk, or otherwise move around the room. He can push himself backwards and turn, dive from sitting on his bottom to "crawling position" but he doesn't get much farther than that. Our 7-Month photo shoot was a little trickier than months past; he was more interested in the grass than smiling at me.

I can't believe that the most intense day of my life is seven months behind me already. Time sped up after I finished college, but now days feel like blinks. From 7am-7pm, my life is nonstop. Then I breath, blog, (sometimes read or crochet) and go to bed. I love the afternoons when Micah decides that all he wants to do is snuggle up next to me for two hours and sleep. I rest, read, catch up on my shows, and I feel refreshed afterward. I'm going to enjoy this season, because I know I won't have that luxury forever. Life is simple with one child.

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