My How Time Flies

We met at Chapter Focus Week in 2004. This picture was taken at Chapter Focus Week (at a different camp) in 2005, five months into our relationship. I remember at this point, we already knew we were going to get married. We made the engagement official a month or so later when we finally bought the ring... but we didn't care about making if official. It was real enough already. It's funny looking at these pictures because we look so different now, I think. I can't believe we are approaching five years since our first date. It's not so hard to believe that we have been together that long... but it is hard to believe all of the things we have gone through in that time frame... especially the fact that we are parents now! Our biggest stress at the time was getting through college. Now our trials are so much more... grown up!


  1. I like this :)

    I just looked at your "I blog about..." box, and you're right about our themes being similar (just worded differently). I promise I didn't copy :)

  2. that's one of my pictures (i think)!

  3. It is, Jen! I just did some stuff to it. I was having so much fun looking through all those the other night!!