Daddy-Son Bonding Time

Universal Man Law: Men bond on the couch.

Micah has discovered that the world is much more interesting when you're sitting up, and therefore throws a fit if you lay him on his back on the floor. He's fine in his Bumbo, fine if you put him on his tummy, but on his back? Oh no-no-no. He has been staring at the ceiling fan for four months now, you know, and he's had enough of that.

The easy solution, of course, has been to prop him up on the couch. He loves this view since he can watch all the action. Give him a few toys (or a blanket) to chew on and he's a happy camper. Big daddy Eric is happy, too, since he doesn't have to tote the little guy around on one arm all night.

Look at Eric, doesn't he look great? He's lost over fifteen pounds in the past month. Ladies, doesn't it frustrate you how quickly men can shed the weight? It's as though they merely think about weight loss and it happens. Eric has worked really hard, though; he has been eating a low carb diet and cutting out most of the junk food. He has been working out as well. He does this routine with a 45-pound weight that I can't even peel off the floor, and he tosses it around like a dinner plate. I'll settle for being able to carry a 15-pound baby for several hours.

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