Wants to See the World

Micah is developing an interest in his surroundings. No longer content to lay back and nap during car rides (unless he is tired, of course), he leans forward to look out the window or around the vehicle. His reclining infant carrier is not condusive to sitting up, however, so sometimes it takes a small circus to keep him entertained when he is not able to sit up the way he would like to.

It's interesting to see such a strong personality at just four months old. "It's his way or the high way." I can already tell we're going to have our hands full as we train him up to be a well behaved and Godly young man. He is stubborn and spirited. Fortunately, these qualities have the potential to make him a great leader if kept in check and given a proper outlet. He is also very sweet and when he's happy, you can't wipe the smile off his face. Every day I find new ways to get him to laugh. He already loves to roughhouse; he is definitely a boy.

Today I put together his new stroller and we took it for a spin around the neighborhood. What a difference sitting upright makes! He actually enjoyed cruising around for once. Before we used a stroller frame that his infant carrier clicked into - but he would always cry unless he was asleep. I was convinced that it was because it forced him to lay back and I was right! Our neighborhood is still largely undeveloped, so there are plenty of paved roads without traffic - perfect for walks. Built on the side of a hill, this neighborhood really gives your calves a workout! His eyes were wide with curiosity as we walked up and down the hill on the empty road. I pointed out grass, rocks and wildflowers. We spent about 15 minutes outside until he got a little too tired and started whimpering. I'm going to start taking him out every day unless the weather is bad. He really enjoys being outside! What little kid doesn't?

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