Quality Time

Eric and I were discussing ways we could spend more quality time together. Our problem, like many other married couples I'm sure, is that our hobbies are... different. You will never catch me on a computer playing Counterstrike. You will never see Eric with a ball of yarn and a hook in his hands unless you travel back in time to his childhood when his grandmother taught him how to crochet. We can't figure out what brought us together except for the fact that we think the same jokes are funny and the same goals in life are worth pursuing. We are also incredibly attracted to each other, physically, but that is not something I want to publish on the internet for my son and his friends to read in fifteen years and become horribly embarrassed about. Or maybe I do.

Micah, your father and I are extremely attracted to each other in the physical sense.

As far as hobbies are concerned, we have found common ground on the following territories:

1. Cribbage
2. Ping Pong
3. Movies
4. Scrabble
5. Yahoo Euchre

Often our conversations go something like this:

Me: "Do you want to do something?"

Eric: (Picturing the scrabble board or some other activity I'm likely to suggest) "No, that's okay, babe."

Isn't that horribly sad and pathetic?!

So. Quality Time... we decided to see if we could use his parents' old PlayStation since his sister, who still lives at home, really wants a new system. I think she wants an X Box. I think Eric will compromise his Gamers' Integrity by playing a little Wheel of Fortune, Packman, and Bejeweled with me.

What kinds of hobbies do you share with your spouse?

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  1. Early in our marriage Brent and I both enjoyed playing an online game called Runescape. We spent many an evening in our office, each at our own computer, playing that game together. But interest in that game faded, especially with the arrival of more important things... Like our daughter! Now we sadly spend most of our "us" time crashed on the couch after Lydia goes to bed. We enjoy most of the same TV shows, and other activities like putt-putt or camping, so I suppose our hardest thing isn't the what as much as the when.